So I began by signing up for a wikipedia account, which allowed me to officially make an edit to the condoms page. Once I accomplished this, I added new content to the cultural barriers section by clicking on “edit”. I decided that the section could have more examples. So I added the following information from a case study called “The Sociocultural Context of Condom use within Marriage in Rural Lebanon,” (Andrez Kulczycki) from a journal entitled Studies in Family Planning: 

According to Andrzej Kulczycki, many Middle-Eastern nulliparous couples (such as in Rural Lebanon), face huge social pressure with regards to condom usage. For example, heterosexual couples in rural Lebanon are pressured to establish fertility within marriage as soon as possible, thus leading to a low rate of condom usage.

Once I finished, wikipedia automatically added the content to the page. I think its important to add this content because it shows how different sociocultural circumstances can influence people to decide whether or not they should use a condom. 
— Steven

I chose to edit the Artificial Christmas Tree Wikipedia page because when I first viewed it, it
never even approached the culture all around it. I thought that it might
be interesting for however views the page (I can’t imagine that many
people do!) to look at this object in a different light. I feel like what
I added takes a look more at why it has become more popular, and the
differing politics and culture that effects it. Prior to my edit, the page
just had some facts about the artificial tree, but hopefully my addition
will allow people to see the complex relationships objects can have in our


As I signed up for a Wikipedia page, I served as an author rather than a viewer for the first time. While writing my final paper and critically analyzing the Wikipedia page for one last time, I noticed that as detailed as the credit card page may be, it lacks very important information; this information being the guide for a new cardholder and the economical factors that play a role in obtaining a credit card. I added new content to the Wikipedia page of spending habits for teenagers and college students in particular. After conducting all the research on credit cards and the rate in which they are being obtained by consumers, I felt this information would be greatly beneficial to those who are applying for a credit card for the first time and to those who don’t want to make mistakes and have these mistakes be detrimental to ones life. This article is broken off into many sections which help the reader gain all the information he or she needs.


When editing the ‘Cigarette Filter’ Wikipedia page I chose to edit the disposal section since that section bothered me the most and lacked accurate information. My edits include: explanation of why filters do not biodegrade, the amount of cigarette butts that are picked up in the environment each year by the ICC, and what all those littered filters do to the environment. Since this information is such a huge part of the filter itself, I felt it was necessary to bring awareness to it. I also changed the cigarette filter description to read  “cigarette filters are intended to reduce the amount of smoke, tar, and fine particles inhaled during the combustion of a cigarette. I specifically chose to use the word ‘intended’ because when the filters were originally created the cigarette manufacturers had good intentions in wanting to create a filter that could reduce the harmful substances in cigarettes. However, they were unable to do so. That is why I used the word “intended.” I also cited my sources to back up the information I added to the ‘disposal’ section. I used the sources from Novotny, Suleiman, and the ‘Kicking Butts’ article that I referenced in my original Wikipedia assignment.

The most interesting that happened when I was editing this wikiepedia was another user kept changing my edits back to the original ones within two minutes of me changing them. This was extremely frustrating because I had to keep redoing the edits for the purpose of this assignment. I wouldn’t doubt that my edit will be changed by the time this paper is submitted.–Michelle

For my object’s Wikipedia page, I inserted a tab on hairspray’s history. Though the introduction does briefly mention the time of when modern hairspray was developed (1940s), it is only briefly, as the primary content of the page is focused on what hairspray is made from. Also, I thought it was quite interesting to see that an object that is marked as “cosmetic” and the Wikipedia page itself marked as a “fashion-related stub,” and also would seemingly have that type of audience, has no content on the packaging and its history of development as a beauty product, of which are significant to the cosmetic and beauty industry— it only has a primary focus on the science and chemistry of the object. I thought that there could be more content to expand the page and go into detail about the history—when and who came up with the product, and designed it to become what it is today (as they do even have images of modern hairspray cans). In providing information about its history, and its life as a beauty product, it allows the audience to make a connection in their own relationship to hairspray and how they have used it, as opposed to just seeing it as a material product of consumption.

**Also added and cited two sources within the references/sources sections

— Nikki


Eyelash edits

I signed up for a Wikipedia and served as an Author by adding information from popular article of false eyelashes. I added a new content on the Wikipedia page of eyelash extensions (, and all its information extract from an article “The truth about falsies” on After conducting all the researches on false eyelashes, I decided to add in the missing information of harmful effects on the Wikipedia page. My written paragraph clearly shows that how people feel about wearing false eyelashes that are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since the Wikipedia page of eyelash extensions does not include any of its harmfulness, I posted a new section “Negative impact of wearing eyelash extension”.

Here is the content that I added into the Wikipedia page:

Dr. Rick Fraunfelder at OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute says the lashes aren’t sterile, and the poly-nylon blend ones, especially, can lead to infections. Franufelder manifested that spaces in the fibers allow bacteria to reside because the wet and warm environment of eyelash margin favors bacteria to thrive. Despite different kinds of lashes, using eyelash extension with the glue that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may cause allergic reaction “Traction Alopecia”, which makes the eyes suffer from horrible itching. Fraunfelder explained that people would lose their real eyelashes permanently due to the improper the pull of the eyelash extension, and eventually eyelash dropout over time from chronic use.

The truth about falsies[1]


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During the process of editing Wikipedia, I first started by fooling around the sandbox, so as to get a preview on how my edit will look like. Then, I copied and pasted everything in my sandbox into the article of eyelash extensions. Lastly, I enclosed the link of the article into the paragraph as a reference. As a beginner of editing Wikipedia page, adding a new section into the page eyelash extension can be considered as a major change. Since information on the Wikipedia page of eyelash extension is positive, I think it is important to bring up the negative side of wearing eyelash extensions that is the risk of losing their real eyelashes.

While I was doing research for my object, I came across an interesting
article that talked about Micro beads and Micro Plastics. Micro beads are
the small beads we use in facial products to scrub and wash our face with.
These beads are being contaminated through our oceans and lakes with out
any filtration system to remove them. I remember we came across discussing
this issue with waste from the mass consumption on plastic materials being
dispersed into the ocean and how our underwater creatures are being
affected by it. The waste also can affect our food chain if they are being
contaminated with little to no treatment being done to filter out these
micro beads or micro plastics from going into the ocean, which brings me
to a video I came across over the weekend.

After coming across this article, I saw a short video on Facebook showing
a crowd of catfishes swarming onto the dock and jumping over each other.
As I read the comments below, most people have said that the reason they
would want to get out of the water is either they are starving or there is
something contaminated in the lake that is causing these fishes to jump
out. If you could view the clip, look closer as to what the fishes are
trying to do. To me, it seems that the catfishes were trying to get out of
the water because of a contamination with the water like micro beads and
plastics polluting it. The article mentioned about lakes, such as Lake
Erie, having the highest concentration on plastic, about 1..5 billion
micro beads and plastic particles per square mile, to get a picture of
what its like, for these fishes to be swimming around in! There may be
some correlation with the article that may become more evident as to why I
thought the catfishes were behaving abnormal in the environment theyre in.